CBPS Yorkshire Group Privacy Statement May 2018

To comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR), coming into force on 25 May 2018, the Group has to justify the reasons for recording members’ personal data and obtain consent for its recording and use.

Personal Data
The Group, in order to fulfil its basic functions, needs to record each member’s name, means of
communication (at least one) and financial transactions. This data is provided by members, entered
into computer records held by the Secretary and Treasurer, and also used by the Group committee members. The data held includes the name of the member, email address, mail address, telephone number(s), date of joining, membership or not of the National Group and the membership Number. The personal data is used to run the Group; to administer membership; to send notices of Group events, Group newsletters, local and national art news, events cancellations and reminders; to arrange and publicise exhibitions and to inform members of other appropriate events. Members will be asked for consent for their names to appear on the Group’s newsletter, any Group exhibition listings, Group advertising, the Group website and Facebook entries. The Group also has contact details for Associates of the Group for newsletters and other correspondence.

Photographs of artworks and members
To keep members up to date and share images, the Group photographs members' work in progress and finished without attribution for the newsletter. Some finished paintings are also photographed for the Group newsletter and/or website gallery, identifying the member to protect copyright. The member is
asked for consent. Photographs may be taken of groups of members in workshops or exhibitions but will not be named. Members are asked for consent and will also be asked at each event. Some images will be posted to the Group Facebook page. Members are asked for consent. A member may later withdraw consent and request withdrawal of images from the website gallery and/or Facebook.

Sharing of personal data
The Group will not share personal data with others without the consent of the member.

Protection of personal data
The Group will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that member data is not lost, used or accessed in
an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed.

Member rights regarding their personal data
Members have a right to request access to, rectification or erasure of personal data held by the Group.
Members are not obliged to disclose personal data. However, this may affect the ability of the Group
to register membership and contact them. The data contact is the Secretary.

Retention of data
Data will be retained during membership of the Group. Images of artworks for past members may be
retained with consent of the member.

We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time and will inform you of any changes in how we handle your personal data.